SOWOLL Network Technology Co., Ltd. ,established on April 18, 2016, located in Qianhai Shenzhen

Hong Kong cooperation zone of Bay Road No. 1, building A, Room 201 (settled in Shenzhen Qianhai

Secretary of Commerce Co., Ltd.) is a comprehensive international logistics service platform which provides

FCL shipping quote service and trucking, customs clearance, commodity inspection,documentation,

warehousing and other services. Both the factories and freight forwarders can directly make a booking and

purchase other services on the platform. Each port has its own agents that are divided into the first-level and

the second-level agents.Sowoll also work with a number of carriers, so customers of Sowoll can get a more

competitive price.

Sowoll provides an ery convenient platform for the world of foreign trader as well as freight forwarder.

2015.06 We started building our team
2015.08 We started building Sowoll
2015.11 We completed the first version of Sowll
2015.12 We started to deal with the
demand of destination port service
2016.03 We finished all the functions of Sowoll
2016.07 Wefinished the second
versiomn of Sowoll
2016.08 We are live globally